How to Buy Gutter Bars

How to Buy Gutter Bars

The Gutter Bars Collector’s Edition Pre-Sale will begin on March 5, 2022, and orders will begin shipping Mid-April.

Join us and dip your toes in the Metaverse by participating in Streamline Group’s first-ever NFT-themed product drop!

Every Gutter Bars Collector’s Edition Box Set includes a Limited Edition Gutter Bar Delta 8 Disposable, a deck of customized, highly collectible Poker Cards, and a collectors-grade, serialized Certificate of Authenticity.

Here’s how to purchase Gutter Bars with ETH during the March 5 Pre-Sale (or read our step by step guide below)

  1. Purchase Ether (ETH) on any cryptocurrency exchange like Coinbase,, or Gemini. If you plan on purchasing multiple Gutter Bar Box Sets, simply multiple 0.069 by the amount of Gutter Bars you are going to purchase (for example, 10 Gutter Bar Box Sets would cost 0.69 ETH). In addition, you should also purchase extra ETH to account for the ethereum network transaction fee (known as “Gas”). We recommend purchasing 0.025 ETH to cover the Gas fee. After your purchase is complete, be sure to keep the tab open as we will be returning here shortly.
  2. Head to during the pre-sale, choose the amount of items you would like to purchase, and click the “Buy Now” button. You will then be redirected to the checkout page where you can enter your billing/shipping information. After you’ve done so, click the “Checkout” button and you will be redirected to page that will show the total order amount in ETH and our Ethereum wallet address.
  3. Return to your crypto exchange and go to the Send page (on, the “Send/Receive” button is on the top right side of the menu). On the send page, enter the amount of ETH and address provided on the Gutter Bars checkout page. After you have verified the information is correct, click “Send”
  4. Head back to the Gutter Bars checkout page. Once the ETH has been successfully received, the checkout page will automatically update, showing that your order has been completed, after which, you should also receive an email confirming your order! Congratulations!
  5. That’s it! Once your order has shipped, you will also receive a shipping confirmation email!